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Brad Williams - June 24, 2004

Well, Rey Ordonez is the MVP for the Cardinals one night after Paul Bako wore that crown.  An error on a possible inning-ending double play ball in the third, gave the Cardinals a 4-0 lead.  I know there are those optimistis out there that say, "Everyone makes a mistake" or "He wasn't the only that didn't make solid offensive plays".  Well, Shutup.  He's a professional, getting paid a very comfortable sum of money to perform the job tasks assigned to him.  Moving on.  Now, generally when a player makes such a horrific mistake in the field he tries to make up for it at the plate.  Ordonez matched his crappy defensive work with what was hardly a gem from the batter's box.  Rey got to the plate twice and produced nothing either time.  In fact, he was amazingly able to leave 5 men on base in his two at bats to help the Cardinals cause.  Dusty Baker finally had enough sympathy for Ordonez to take him out in the 7th when he was pinch hit for by Tom Goodwin.  Goodwin, trying to help out his team by actually doing something good, singled into right, but due to a botched call by the officiating crew, wasn't able to score off a St. Louis error.  My recap of the past two nights:  2 games, 2 losses, 2 guys to blame> Bako and Ordonez.  Thanks guys. 


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